Xmas Carne & Pesce

Christmas Carne

Filleto Rossini - £24.95
Fillet steak in a French sauce served with a slice of toasted french bread, topped with homemade pate

Filleto Balsamico - £23.50
Fillet steak in a rich red wine balsamic sauce, garnished with crispy pancetta

Sirloin Steak - £19.95
Sirloin steak garnished with mushrooms & tomato, grilled to your liking (sauces available on request).

Fillet Steak - £21.95
Fillet steak, garnished with mushrooms & tomatoes, grilled to your liking (sauces available on request).

Filleto al Gorgonzola e Noci -£23.50

Fillet steak pan-fried complemented with a rich Italian blue cheese and roasted nuts sauce (or without nuts)

Agnello di Bella Napoli - £18.95
Lamb shank cooked slowly in the oven served on bed of butter mash finished with butter, sage and white wine.

Costolette di Agnello - £22.95

Rack of lamb cooked in your likeness, served with wholegrain and Courvoiser brandy sauce

Scallopine alla Sorrentina - £19.95
Pan fried scallops of veal topped with Parma ham and Mozzarella cheese, oven baked & finished in a butter sauce.

Involtini Bella Napoli - £19.95

Scallops of veal rolled with fresh asparagus,mozzarella and spinach with a light white wine creamy sauce

Bistecca al Pepe Verde - £20.95
Sirloin steak, topped with brandy and green peppercorn sauce

Saltimbocca di Maiale - £17.95
Pork loin, panfried served with a rich marsala and sage sauce, complimented with chestnuts and figs

Sauces available with steaks at a supplementary price of £3.50, please ask staff for details.

Christmas Pesce

Rombo alla mugniaia - £23.95
Fresh Halibut seasoned the Italian way, lightly pan-fried with mussels and shrims

Coda di Rospo - £22.95
Monkfish wrapped with paancetta served with sauteed Mediterranean vegetables in a light cherry tomato sauce

Spigola al Sapore di Mare - £20.95
Fresh sea bass complemented with mixed seafood, cherry tomatoes, white wine, oven-baked.

Gran Grigliata Mista di Pesce - £55.95

Mixed grill fish, please ask for availability (for two to share)

All meat and fish dishes served with a selection of potatoes and vegetables. Please note that should you require any dish with an alternative sauce, we will do our best to accommodate.